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Short-tailed Shearwater - Photo: Glen Tepke

Brown Quail - Photo: Alan Fletcher

Great Cormorant - Photo: Alan Fletcher

Chestnut Teal pair - Photo: Alan Fletcher

Millions of Tasmanian native animals are killed every year on our roads, in the name of recreational and commercial hunting, and because of conflicts with farming and forestry operations. Tasmanians are waging a war on native wildlife!

Learn about some fascinating native species, the threats they face from human actions in their daily lives, and how we can live in harmony with them.

The species featured here are those that are most often hunted, poisoned or killed via other means in Tasmania:

- Forest Raven
- Brown Quail
- Chestnut Teal
- Grey Teal
- Wood Duck
- Mountain Duck
- Pacific Black Duck
- Great Cormorant
- Little Pied Cormorant
- Short-tailed Shearwater
- Common Brushtail Possum
- Tasmanian Pademelon
- Bennetts Wallaby

Read about the impacts on Tasmanian native species by:

- Agriculture
- Forestry
- Roadkill
- ‘Recreational’ hunting
- Commercial wildlife industries

Find out:

- How humans can live harmoniously with wildlife
- The many non-lethal solutions to wildlife caused problems
- How you can make a difference!

Bennetts Wallaby - Photo: Karen Bevis

Brushtail Possum - Photo: Megan Earl

Tasmanian Pademelon - Photo: Karen Bevis

Forest Raven - Photo: Alan Fletcher

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